Responsible financial services provide bridge to success in Georgia

small family businessTamar Nugzarashvili and her husband Goderdzi Ksovreli run a small family restaurant in Kavtiskhevi, a rural village two hours from Georgia’s bustling capital of Tbilisi. Situated on the Kavtura River on a remote hilltop flanked by forest, the restaurant has a trout pond and a pork farm on the property. No longer part of Georgia’s informal economy, Tamar and Goderdzi run a sustainable and profitable small business.

From modest beginnings

Success did not happen for Tamar and Goderdzi overnight, nor did it come easily. Their business achievements are the fruits of their hard work, perseverance and multiple FINCA business loans they’ve received over the years.

Man fishing trout
Goderdzi’s trout pond.

When they initially launched the business, the couple set out to build the trout pond. And while they had a river flowing through their property, growing and maintaining the pond was cost prohibitive for them.

“Fish are expensive,” laments Tamar. “Not only that, but the special food that keeps them healthy is also expensive.”

To solve this problem, they turned to FINCA Bank Georgia, a subsidiary of FINCA Impact Finance, for help.

With a FINCA business loan, the couple were able to build the trout pond they wanted. Today they have four tons of trout in their pond. With so many fish, Tamar and Goderdzi are able to sell the excess trout to local shops, as well as vendors in Tbilisi’s main bazaar to augment their income.

The building blocks to financial sustainability

For over five years, Tamar and Goderdzi have used FINCA small business loans to slowly and methodically build-up their business. Last year they established a pork farm on the property.

But the loans only tell half the story.

“Our clients are able to build their assets not only as a result of the responsible financial support that FINCA Impact Finance provides, but also because of the advice and recommendations they receive from our experienced staff. This enables them to make the right financial decisions and ensures the sustainable development of the business, as well as the welfare of their family,” notes Mariam Esebua, Head of Marketing, PR and Customer Experience at FINCA Bank Georgia.

Currently, Tamar and Goderdzi are on their sixth loan and plan to use the loan to improve the restaurant’s infrastructure.

“This summer we want to host weddings,” Tamar explains.

On the path to success

Today, the restaurant is not only profitable and sustainable, but is now even starting to attract international tourists who are in search of the kind of authentic farm-to-table organic cuisine that Tamar and Goderdzi specialize in.

“We have a lot of trust in FINCA,” says Tamar. “FINCA has always supported us when we needed a loan and the advice we received from their professional staff has helped us make the right decisions over the years. We are also thankful for the help that the staff at the Kaspi branch has provided us. They are like friends to us.”