Products and Services

FINCA Impact Finance’s network of 20 community-based microfinance banks and institutions offers innovative, responsible and impactful financial products and services to low-income clients across the world. Our products include a wide variety of loan types (business, consumer, education, household, small-to-medium enterprise), savings, payments, and remittances.

FINCA Impact Finance’s average loan size is $996.

Loan products

Group Loans

Village Banking(™) and small group loans, ranging from 4 to 25 people, are designed to support very low-income entrepreneurs with the smallest enterprises.

Individual Loans

Business loans with flexible terms to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and generate jobs.

Agricultural Loans

Business loans that are timed with the harvest cycle, allowing clients to purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock, and equipment when they need it and repay the principal once the harvest comes in.

Home Improvement and Energy

Loans for clients to purchase or lease clean energy systems or products for use at their home or business.

Consumer Loan

Loans for clients to purchase goods for their livelihoods.

Education Loans

Loans to support clients to pay school fees or for educational purposes for themselves or their children.

Women Entrepreneurship Loan

Loans for female entrepreneurs to begin or build a business, rates tend to be lower to promote female financial inclusion.

Other services

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts offer clients a safe place to build a cushion against hard times or a nest egg for future investments.


Credit, disability, and funeral insurance help reduce the financial stress of meeting major or unexpected expenses.

Money Transfers

Domestic and international money transfers offer an affordable way to receive and send money for business and personal purposes.

Spotlight: Rural Customers

Almost 40% of our clients live in rural, hard-to-reach areas where accessing formal financial services continues to be a challenge. The costs of operating in rural areas have been prohibitively high for many financial institutions. We are using branchless channels to bring responsible financial services closer to our clients. This video shows the unique challenges for agriculture clients and how FINCA’s growing network of agents is supporting financial health in even the most rural communities.