How We Manage Risk

FINCA Impact Finance is committed to safeguarding client assets through strong internal controls. We are dedicated to assessing risks associated with third-party relationships and technology. We test our solutions thoroughly and are regularly monitoring and updating all technology platforms.

With advances in digital financial services – such as digital field automation and mobile banking – we are also able to identify and address instances of fraud more efficiently while employing data security tools to ensure we are protected from cyber threats. By deploying digital field automation, we are not only cutting down on the lengthy, paper-based process of applying for a loan, but are also ensuring that the client’s data is secure and reliable.

We are also improving automation capabilities that enable us to look at patterns in data to assess the risk of both new and repeat customers. These advances lead to better informed underwriting decisions and streamline operations.

FINCA Impact Finance

FINCA’s network of 20 community-based microfinance institutions and banks offers responsible and affordable loan and saving products that empower low income women and men to take control of their financial future.
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