Women have significantly less access to credit compared to men, despite research proving that women tend to be more responsible borrowers, diligent savers and competent managers.

FINCA Impact Finance is committed to helping close the gender gap in financial inclusion

FINCA Impact Finance has been committed to helping close the gender gap in financial inclusion since its founding, with women constituting more than 44% of our customer base. But we know that access alone can’t close the global gender gap—we must be intentional in the products we design, the messages we communicate and the internal practices we employ.

FIF launched a diversity and inclusion (DI) strategy in 2018, outlining 5 key pillars of focus for the company. These pillars emphasize an inclusive workplace, equal representation, equal opportunity, equal pay and increased outreach to women through specially-designed products and services. The strategy functions as a foundation for FIF’s broader business model, which places a premium on investing in people and their potential.

Using the DI strategy as a guide, FIF continues to do its part to reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion by reaching out to the millions of women in underserved communities around the world for whom traditional financial services remain out of reach and providing them with responsible and impactful financial products.