How We Embrace Fintech Innovation

FINCA Impact Finance is at the vanguard of fintech innovation, testing, investing and incorporating experiences from pilot processes into new financial products and services tailored to the needs of the low-income entrepreneurs we serve.

To unlock the full potential of fintech innovation, including digital financial services and risk management, education is essential. It’s not only important that our clients adopt financial technology, it also matters how they use it. FINCA believes in grassroots education efforts. The better our clients are educated about the utility and features of new fintech innovations, the better they will be protected and the more they will benefit.

Agent Banking

FINCA started agency banking in Malawi and Nigeria in 2016. Five out of six subsidiaries in Africa now have agency networks, with our largest agent network operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Credit Scoring

Thirteen subsidiaries are pursuing credit scoring, with initiatives launched in Ecuador, Tanzania and Uganda. FINCA Microfinance Bank Tanzania has partnered with First Access to implement credit scoring.

Mobile App and e-wallet

FINCA Pakistan launched SimSim, a groundbreaking mobile money financial services solution that has already reached over 100,000 people. Clients in Haiti can now access their accounts remotely using MonCash e-wallet.


Fingerprint scans in DRC allow access to accounts, giving clients security and control over their money.
Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Mobile credit and savings products have been launched in DRC, Georgia, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Debit Cards

Debit cards have been introduced in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Online Banking

Online banking has been introduced in Georgia and is currently being planned for Armenia.

FINCA’s Innovative Delivery Channels