Responsible Finance

Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

FINCA Impact Finance has strict policies to ensure clients are treated fairly and ethically and to protect them from becoming over-indebted. Our commitment to responsible finance is more important than ever due to the rapid rise of digital services. By integrating credit scoring, tablets, e-wallets and mobile credit and savings into our business practices, we’re now able to offer responsible financial services to clients we couldn’t serve under the traditional business model.

All FINCA Impact Finance banks and microfinance institutions offer financial and product education for our customers. Globally, 66% of adults, or approximately 3.5 billion people, are financially illiterate. This means that they are at risk of exploitation. Our staff are teaching clients how to efficiently manage financial resources, how to keep track of household expenses, and the importance of savings.

FINCA is a founding member of the Smart Campaign, a global initiative promoting the adoption of client protection standards in the microfinance industry. FINCA Impact Finance is also an official signatory of the Responsible Finance Forum, launched in 2018.

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FINCA Impact Finance believes that being a responsible bank means deeply listening and responding to our customers. This is why we developed a rigorous customer research program to ensure that clients have a strong and clear voice in shaping how we serve them.