FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) believes in the power of Inclusive Finance.

We started in 1984 with a single subsidiary and a powerful idea: if low-income entrepreneurs could form a Village Bank™ to share a loan and guarantee repayment, they could access the funds to invest in their farming operations, grow their business and improve their standard of living. It was the dawn of what we know today as microfinance.

Remaining true to this original idea but evolving our business model to better meet the wants and needs of our customers, FINCA Impact Finance is now a global leader of responsible financial services. We are comprised of 15 full-service banks and microfinance institutions and a holding/shared service company. We serve more than 2.8 million customers with an array of fintech and traditional financial products and services.

We think banks can, and should, offer accessible and flexible credit, savings, and other financial products to help people improve their financial health, manage their ongoing obligations, cope with setbacks, and build resources for the future. We are a double bottom line company that delivers positive social impact and financial sustainability.

We are thousands of dedicated colleagues who are passionate that financial services can have a positive impact. Most of us live in the communities we serve, and all of us are guided by our values of warmth, trust, and responsible banking.

We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds and considers people at all career stages. We seek individuals with whom we can build strong and lasting relationships – people who care about, and have respect for, customers. We look for colleagues who approach their work with joy, innovation, energy, and a sense of service beyond self.

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