Article: A Customer-Centric State of Mind

In a new article titled “A Customer-Centric State of Mind”, Sergio Alguacil-Mallo, manager of FINCA Impact Finance’s Learning Systems & Technology unit, discusses FINCA’s innovative strategy for delivering a positive customer experience (CX) as part of its responsible financial services.

Alguacil-Mallo starts by discussing the growing importance of CX to success in financial services:

“With greater access to goods, services, and information, customers are less forgiving when they have a negative or suboptimal experience interacting with a company.”

In this ever-more-competitive environment, FINCA Impact Finance is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve in responsible financial services. While providing cutting-edge financial products and services is a big part of that, delivering a positive CX is also crucial.

Alguacil-Mallo identifies seven CX behaviors for ensuring both customers and employees are happy:

  1. Champion the customer’s voice
  2. Show staff how CX drives business results
  3. Be aware of how your mood impacts internal and external customers
  4. Demonstrate care for both internal and external customers
  5. Keep promises and commitments
  6. Listen and practice empathy
  7. Use communication and innovation to handle CX challenges


The article is featured in the April 2018 edition of TD Magazine.

You can read the full PDF here.