FINCA Haiti S.A.

FINCA Haiti S.A. (“FINCA Haiti”) is one of the longest-operating FINCA institutions, opening its doors in 1989 in the town of Les Cayes. In its early days, the institution exclusively offered village banking loans. To many loan recipients, this represented their first access to credit. Over the next three decades, FINCA Haiti gradually expanded to serve clients throughout the country with both village banking and individual loans.

When the 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti and affected many FINCA Haiti clients, the institution responded by strengthening outreach to support entrepreneurs across the country. It launched a renewed growth strategy in 2012 and now serves more than 50,000 clients through both branches and branchless banking channels.

FINCA Haiti offers four primary credit products: village banking loans; individual loans; small- and medium-enterprise loans; and agriculture loans. Each responsible finance product is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

In 2015, FINCA Haiti partnered with MonCash, an e-wallet solution, to offer mobile loan repayment. Mobile banking now accounts for a significant proportion of transactions processed by the institution. It is also crucially important in a country where only one-in-three adults currently have access to a bank account.

FINCA Haiti is devoted to serving the people most in need of responsible finance. Nearly 90 percent of clients are women. In addition to loans, it offers national and international money transfers and financial literacy training.

In 2018, FINCA Haiti reached two major milestones: its loan portfolio surpassed 1 billion Haitian gourdes (USD 12 million); and it reached 50,000 customers for the first time, making it one of the leading responsible finance institutions in Haiti.