Article: The Future of Responsible Financial Services

In a new article titled “The Future of Responsible Financial Services”, FINCA Impact Finance Vice President and CFO Roman Hingorani discusses the company’s innovative strategy for delivering a double bottom line of social impact and financial sustainability.

Hingorani speaks about the initiatives FINCA Impact Finance is undertaking to transform its business model, including implementing mathematical modeling, data visualization and cutting-edge risk management practices and establishing new technology partnerships to make it easier for clients to access responsible financial services.

For example, FINCA Impact Finance is now serving more than 200,000 clients in the Democratic Republic of Congo through its network of 1,200 banking agents–the largest agent network in the country. In Pakistan in 2017, the company launched SimSim, a free e-wallet that already has more than 100,000 users.

He also stresses the premium FINCA Impact Finance places on securing stable returns for its investors: “Being a growing organization, our depositors include big corporate entities. We are dedicated to ensuring stability for our loan customers and depositors.”

The article is featured on page 22 of the March 2018 print edition of Banking CIO Outlook.

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