FINTECH Innovation Starts with People

FINCA Impact Finance Launches Leadership Development Program for High-Potential Employees

At FINCA Impact Finance (FIF), we believe that investing in the potential of our employees will pay dividends in the future. In May 2019, we launched Falcon, a fast-track leadership development program for high-potential employees identified by FIF executives as having a high capacity to successfully lead our business transformation. The program was developed as a core part of our succession planning strategy. The program aims to strengthen key leadership capabilities, including but not limited to influencing others, strategy execution and adaptability. Our ability to rapidly source strong leadership talent for C-level positions internally is a key factor in our organization’s success.

According to Andrée Simon, President and CEO of FINCA Impact Finance:

“FIF needs to stay on the cutting edge of the fast-evolving financial services landscape. While that applies to every level of the organization, it starts with management. The Falcon Program will help ensure that current high potential leaders can help guide FINCA Impact Finance forward as we transform our business model to meet the needs of an increasingly digital marketplace”.

FINCA Impact Finance has more than 10,000 employees around the world, all of whom contribute to delivering responsible financial services to the unbanked. The Falcon Program seeks to enhance FIF culture and add value to special programs such as Customer Experience and Diversity & Inclusion.

The program’s launch was held in Georgia and featured twelve countries represented by 16 of the Falcon Program’s first generation of leaders. Inspired by our brand promise of warmth, trust, and responsible banking, the Falcon Program is sure to become a pillar of leadership development within FIF’s global network for years to come.