Andrée Simon featured on ‘Around the Coin’ podcast

On the latest ‘Around the Coin’ podcast, FINCA Impact Finance President and CEO Andrée Simon discusses with host Faisal Khan how despite all the progress financial institutions have made in delivering financial products and services to more people globally, obstacles persist in reaching the nearly 2 billion people who remain unbanked around the world.

The conversation also touched on a range of other salient issues relevant within today’s financial services industry, including the complex relationship between providing people with financial services and its impact on lifting people out of poverty, how microfinance is still a “work-in-progress’, as well as how FINCA Impact Finance balances its aim to remain profitable with its mission to expand financial inclusion and its business model.

The podcast also centered around the dizzying potential of fintech, whether banks and microfinance institutions truly understand poverty, as well as the ability of underserved communities to save in order to insulate themselves from future calamitous financial events.

Listen to the full podcast.