FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited (Pakistan)


FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited first launched in 2008 as “Kashf Microfinance Bank”, providing microfinance services from 13 branches in Pakistan. Founded on the principle that all people should have access to financial services, the bank set about providing microcredit to low-income borrowers with no collateral requirements—providing entrepreneurs with capital to expand their businesses. The bank also provided convenient deposit services, offering competitive interest rates to both individual and corporate depositors.

FINCA acquired the organization in 2013, using its wealth of experience and robust business operations to spur growth. Now part of the FINCA Impact Finance global network, FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited is licensed and regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan and has a loan portfolio of more than PKR 19 billion and holds deposits of roughly PKR 21 billion. The bank’s loan portfolio has grown at a rate of 64% over the past five years, with growth driven by a range of products and services, including individual loans for both low income and higher-volume borrowers. Clients are spread across economic sectors such as agriculture, livestock, trade and services.

The bank now serves more than 850,000 clients through a network of branches (120 branches in 108 cities) and ATMs (more than 14,000 across the country) as well as through digital banking channels (debit cards, mobile e-wallets and online banking).

In 2017, FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited became the first microfinance bank in Pakistan to receive SMART certification, a recognition of its long-standing commitment to robust client protection principles. The company’s loans have created an estimated 150,000 new jobs and helped sustain the living standards of roughly two million households across Pakistan.