FINCA Armenia

FINCA Armenia was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial services to low-income entrepreneurs. Operating from an office in Yerevan with an efficient team of dedicated employees, FINCA Armenia provided small loans to farmers and small business owners. In the years since, the bank has continued to grow while delivering a double bottom-line of commercial profitability and positive social impact.

Adapting to the needs of a growing market, FINCA Armenia has expanded on its initial offering of agriculture and small business loans to provide a range of credit products, including loans for solar energy solutions and car insurance. FINCA Armenia’s loan products are noted for the speed and simplicity of approval as well as transparency and personalized and flexible repayment terms.

In 2006, the Central Bank of Armenia registered and licensed the institution as FINCA Universal Credit Organization Armenia, marking its entry into the for-profit financial services market. In 2018, in accordance with FINCA Impact Finance’s digital transformation strategy, FINCA Armenia began taking active steps to digitize its offering of financial products and services. The institution launched an Online Loan Application (OLA) system enabling clients to apply for loans using a smartphone, computer or tablet, all without visiting a branch.

FINCA Armenia now serves more than 35,000 clients through both digital and traditional banking channels: a network of 38 branches located throughout the country and through its emerging OLA system.

FINCA Armenia has established a leading position in the Armenian market by delivering an unmatched customer experience (CX), integrating digital technologies into its offering while building and maintaining trust-based relationships with clients. Public opinion polls conducted by Gallup International recognized FINCA Armenia as “The Best Credit Organization in Armenia” each year from 2013 to 2016.

In 2019, FINCA Armenia received SMART Certification in recognition of its long-standing commitment to client protection.