New Video Highlights How FIF is Investing in People

Fintech innovation is changing finance around the world. That is impacting how FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) develops and trains its workforce. To stay on the cutting edge of digital trends, we are changing how we invest in our staff. That means offering professional development opportunities at all career stages and leveraging digital learning to reach employees in 20 countries across nine time zones.

Success Depends on a High-Performing Workforce

FIF is developing a high-performing workforce suited for the rapid pace of fintech innovation by giving each of our 10,000 employees the tools to expand their skills and build lasting careers. By providing professional development opportunities—offered at all career stages through both face-to-face and digital mediums—FIF is encouraging all employees to lead positive change.

FIF recently published a video highlighting professional development initiatives across its global network. Featuring interviews with new and longer-tenured staff, it showcases how FIF invests in the potential of people throughout the employee life-cycle. That includes onboarding new employees, developing their skills and preparing them for promotions. The video highlights the various training, development and exchange programs available to our employees.

FIF Invests in Employees at All Stages of their Careers

FIF offers on-the-job learning opportunities through the FINCA Learning Zone, a digital portal that users can access from anywhere using their laptop or mobile device. These digital trainings are available at the click of a mouse or swipe of a smartphone and allow our employees to build skills to become more comfortable and effective in their jobs.

For new employees, we provide support and guidance during the crucial first days, weeks and months of the career journey. For middle managers, we offer blended learning opportunities to enhance their abilities as they enter the next phase of their careers. And for senior leaders, our continued learning opportunities are available to help them do their jobs even more effectively. All senior leaders can participate in e-learning courses and workshops dedicated to building leadership skills.

This year, FIF launched the Falcon Program, a fast-track development program for high-potential employees viewed as future leaders. The 12-month program cycle is devoted to training in management, leadership and strategic thinking.

FIF’s global reach also creates opportunities. We operate in 20 countries on five continents. Starting a career in one place often results in the opportunity to work in another, and to participate in projects that are global in scope. Many of our senior leaders have had the chance to perform multiple roles in multiple countries.

FINCA Impact Finance is responding to fintech innovation by transforming how it trains its employees.
FINCA Impact Finance allows employees to expand their skills though in-person and digital learning opportunities.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

FIF has increased its investments in learning, especially through digital platforms. More than 6,000 of our employees participated in learning and development activities in 2018, logging an average of 27 hours each. Eighteen percent of those training hours were delivered through online or mobile devices. We plan to increase that number to 40 percent.

The ability to receive training both in-person and virtually, what we call “blended learning,” is especially important. More than half of our 10,000 employees spend the majority of their time in the field. For them, in-person training isn’t very feasible. Accessing the FINCA Learning Zone from their smartphone or tablet, however, is a convenient alternative. These learning resources are available 24/7 wherever the user has an internet connection.

To stay on the cutting-edge of an evolving financial services market, a committed, skilled and high-performing workforce is necessary. FIF is investing in professional development to ensure that its people continue to drive the business forward.