Andrée Simon Featured in LATTICE80’s Top 100 Fintech Influencers List

Andrée Simon, President & CEO of FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) and a leading voice on financial inclusion and fintech, recently featured in LATTICE80’s list of Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers. Simon is the head of an organization that uses digital technologies to deliver responsible finance, and is in good company alongside other leaders of cutting-edge fintechs and financial institutions.

LATTICE80’s list includes 41 women and 59 men located around the globe, from people holding key management positions in impact-focused financial institutions to the leaders of dynamic fintech and blockchain startups. According to the website:

This list thus serves to highlight key leaders who have been at the forefront of championing impact-driven use cases of fintech and blockchain – whether it be as an entrepreneur starting a new project or community, an enabler from a research of academic institute, a corporate, or an investor investing in social impact. 

A Leader in Financial Inclusion and Fintech

Simon has a long history of spearheading initiatives that deliver positive social impact through financial inclusion and fintech. Currently, FINCA Impact Finance is implementing FINCA 2.0, a network-wide digital transformation to increase outreach and deliver more impactful services.

The connection between financial inclusion and fintech will continue to grow, but digital finance is not a panacea. Fintech solutions need to be designed for the needs of unbanked and underbanked clients. As Simon wrote in a 2018 op-ed for International Banker:

There’s a real opportunity to close the remaining gaps in financial inclusion by providing mobile financial services. However, we should remember that inclusion is not a panacea. Financial services need to be more than simply available, they need to be responsible and impactful.

We’re partnering with like-minded fintech organizations to stay on the cutting-edge of digital finance. Because of our work on the ground, we bring a deep understanding of our customers while our fintech partners bring innovative technologies. Together, we’re able to integrate digital technologies to greatly improve our services, for example through credit scoring, digital field automation, biometrics and mobile and online banking.


LATTICE80 is a global fintech hub that operates a database including more than 11,000 startups and 200,000 industry professionals. The list of Top 100 Fintech for SDG influencers was created in collaboration with FinTech4Good, which connects start-ups, investors, industry leaders and public sectors to introduce impactful fintech and blockchain solutions to the frontier markets through incubation, acceleration and investment programs.

See the full list of influencers here:

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