Financial Partners

FINCA is supported by over 50 diverse financial partners across the globe, including impact investment funds, microfinance investment vehicles, national and supranational development institutions, and multinational commercial banks.  While maintaining strong relationships with our existing partners, we are focused on expanding our work with local banks and increasingly raising capital by issuing securities on domestic financial markets through coordination with investment banks and securities dealers, helping introduce FINCA to a new and expanded pool of investors and local stakeholders. Our lenders include:

BlueOrchard Finance S.A.
The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX)
Developing World Markets AG
Deutsche Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Global Partnerships
Incofin Investment Management
International Finance Corporation
KfW Development Bank
MCE Social Capital
MFX Solutions
Microfinance Enhancement Facility SA, SICAV-SIF (MEF)
Netherlands Development Finance Company N.V. (FMO)
Oikocredit International
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
responsAbility Investments AG
Symbiotics S.A.
Triple Jump B.V.
Triodos Investment Management B.V.