FINCA Impact Finance Announces New Partnership with the Business Continuity Institute

FIF announced a new partnership with the Business Continuity Institute to further develop its business continuity management (BCM) practices. The partnership will focus on safeguarding and ensuring availability of all FIF staff, assets, premises and all related business processes, as well as maintaining confidence on the part of FIF’s investors, partners, clients and staff.

Andree Simon: Why Banks Should Partner with P2P Platforms Like Uber

Simon highlights FIF’s recent initiative by which FINCA Guatemala is partnering with Uber Guatemala to offer a cutting-edge loan product to local Uber drivers. FINCA Guatemala’s loan application form is directly integrated into the Uber online dashboard. This allows drivers to apply for a loan using only their driving history, and allows FINCA Guatemala to process loan applications in just hours.

FINCA Impact Finance’s “Rebuilding Kosovo” Video Wins Silver Telly Award

FINCA Impact Finance opened its doors in Kosovo in 2000 to advance the mission of expanding financial inclusion to help individuals, families and communities recover from the war. This year FINCA Impact Finance won the Silver Telly Award for Rebuilding Kosovo: One Loan at a Time, a video highlighting the role of financial inclusion in the country’s recovery.